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Groping Chiropractor Sentenced for Bribing IRS Agent

The United States Attorney's Office in MA announced that a Chiropractor, Stephen Jacobs, has been sentenced to 9 months in prison for bribing an IRS agent.  Before this happened, however, he kissed a woman's feet while he was treating her and admitted to other inappropriate contact when he was giving a second woman a massage.   So he paid them $5,000 each because he was concerned that they would report him to the police or to the chiropractic board.  Then when the IRS audited him and quested him about the two payments to these women that he had deducted as a business expenses, he paid the IRS auditor $5,000 to issue him a favorable audit letter showing no additional tax for one year and a refund for another year.  The IRS auditor was wearing a wire when he paid him $5,000.  That was the end game for this guy.  Not the brightest bulb in the room.

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