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Tax Alert – IRS Change makes it Easier to Levy All Your Assets

There was an important recent change to the format of the IRS’s “final” Notice of Intent to Levy that all tax practitioners and clients should be aware of.  Most of us tax geeks are well aware of the difference between a regular IRS collection notice and a “final” Notice of Intent to Levy that includes the right to a collection hearing under IRC 6330.  This is something that typically confuses the client, but not the tax practitioner. However, the IRS very recently changed the format of the “final” Notice of Intent to Levy and the new version of the “final” notice looks very much like a regular IRS collection notice.   As a result, tax practitioners might, at first glance, be as confused as their clients. It is unclear why the IRS made this non-publicized change to the “final” Notice of Intent to Levy, but it is definitely more difficult now to tell the difference between the “final” notice and a regular collection notice.  As a result, it is recommended that tax practitioners and clie…